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History, tradition and quality

Crudi D’Italia is one of the biggest producers of prosciutto in the country, and we’re based in Sala Baganza - in the heart of Parma territory, where the climate is perfect for producing the precise degree of flavour and sweetness required for Prosciutto di Parma. The company was started in 1986 when we bought ABA Prosciutti, and went on to build a modern mechanised plant for producing Abruzzo hams at the foot of the Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain. In 2005 the shareholders decided to complement the business with acquisition of the Luppi Alimentari brand in San Vitale Baganza, in order to preserve and relaunch one of the finest and best known prosciuttos in the world.


The  strength of the prosciutto di Parma producer lies in the expert selection of prime ingredients, in specialist production processes, in packaging that meets the requirements of modern distribution methods, in major investment in automation and mechanisation of the production process, and in the wide range of top quality products offered to customers all over the world. All these factors combine to produce the best prosciutto crudo di Parma in Italy. Crudi d’Italia is also certified for export to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and Europe, and holds ISO9002, Vision, ISO14000, ISO11020, BRC and IFS certification.


The company has its own research and development department that carries out quality control operations with particular emphasis on new technology and developing new products, whilst preserving the great tradition of Crudi d’Italia prosciutto production, and in recent years has introduced the new D.O.P. line “Antiche Cantine Luppi” for the retail market – a range of top quality cured meats presented in contemporary packaging.

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Prosciutto di Parma from Crudi d'Italia

Crudi d’Italia produces some of the finest Prosciutto di Parma at our facility in the small town of San Vitale Baganza, in the province of Parma. Prosciutto can only be made within the traditionally recognised zone in the province of Parma, just to the south of Via Emilia and extending at least 5km to an altitude of 900 metres, within the confines of the river Enza to the east and the river Stirone to the West.


Production of Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P. follows a strict process backed by long tradition. The production stages of this Italian delicacy are as follows:

  • Selection of a pig exclusively of the Large White Landrance or Duroc breed over 9 months old and weighing about 160kg. The animal is fed only quality foods until it is slaughtered.
  • Careful selection of prime ingredients.
  • Cooling the leg, involving a 24-hour period of resting in special cooling cells which allows the meat to firm up to facilitate trimming.
  • Trimming to give the leg its typical rounded shape.
  • Salting the different parts of the leg in specific ways.
  • Resting for a period of between 60 and 80 days at a humidity level of 75% and temperature between 1 and 5 degrees.
  • Washing the ham in warm water, after which it is allowed to dry naturally in the dry, hot climate.
  • Initial curing of the hams which are hung on traditional "scalere" (frames), in a humidity-controlled room facing the windows.
  • Greasing the exposed parts of the meat by applying a mixture of minced pork fat with a little added salt, ground pepper and sometimes rice flour.
  • Curing of the ham in cellars located within the traditional production area.
  • Olfactory inspection by inserting a traditional horse bone needle into various parts of the ham; horse bone has the unique porosity to absorb the aroma of the ham for smell testing.

It is only when a thorough inspection has been conducted by inspectors from the Parma Quality Institute that the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma 5-point crown can be branded on the ham.

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Italian prosciutto

The production process for Italian prosciutto is a modern interpretation of the traditional method of curing ham - technology skilfully combined with the experience and expertise of people who have been making traditional products for many years.

Each type of ham is selected for curing using the appropriate methods and timings, with scrupulous checks at every phase of the production cycle.

In the Crudi d’Italia cellars we cure many types of product, both Italian and international: prosciuttos with and without the bone, sweet Luppi, fiocco and culatello with or without rind.

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Cured meats

To complement the range of prosciutto products, Crudi d’Italia also offers a selection of Italian cured meats to satisfy the most discerning palates.

We select the finest Felino salami, IGP Coppa, rolled and tied pancetta, bacon, bresaola, mortadella and other traditional Italian specialities for our customers.

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Sliced meats

At our ABA premises in Sala Barganza (PR) we operate 6 slicing production lines: 3 slicing and packaging lines equipped with thermoforming machines and 3 lines for packaging in pre-formed trays; all 6 lines are equipped with the latest quality and process controls and have a total production capacity of 12,000 packs per hour.

The 3 pre-formed lines are mainly used for top quality “take away” products.

All lines are designed to meet requirements for packaged meats in any type of merchandising sector – from supermarkets to the catering trade and delicatessens.

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Product catalogue

Download Crudi d'Italia catalogue to see our products: Prosciutto di Parma, Italian cured ham, cured meats and sliced meats.

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